Pain free with the newest technology

Your ski boot has to fit like a glove. Eliminating little pinches and too much pressure on your ankle or forefoot will increase your comfort and performance tremendously. We recommend a precise boot fitting with every boot purchase. The ski boot fitting is included with every boot purchase in out stores.

Precise fitting in several days

A customised insole ist the most important thing after a boot purchase. Insoles are modulated precisely with the three dimensional print of a vacuum pad and create a proper fit right away. We will then discuss additional discomforts or pressure points and might send you on the slopes for a day or two. You identify additional needs directly on snow and return to our shop with your report. Our boot fitters will take care of the rest.

Race bootfitting

For athletes and future athletes we also offer a more detailed and professional reach boot fitting. Stop by directly in our shops and get all the necessary information. Talk to us directly in the shop to find out more information.

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