The ideal start into your winter season

Even though you should maintain your skis regularly, the most important ski service, ist the one before the season. We evaluate the current state of your material and check what needs to be done. Waxing, grinding, surface repair if necessary and the right configuration for your ski bindings are important steps for the right start into your season.

Sharp edges and gliding material

With the high-precision machines from MONTANA your ski or board will be ground and waxed over the entire length at a precisely defined angle with the newest technology. You ski or board will run and turn much better. Sharp edges require less muscle effort from your part and increase your performance automatically.

How often should you have your skis serviced?

That depends on your use. At least a small service (Grinding and waxing) makes sense after 6 skiing days. Check the surface of your ski and board regularly on scratches and irregularities and bring them in when you notice faults and you guarantee yourself a much better riding experience. The correct configuration of our skis is recommended at least once a year.

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